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My Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products

Swapping out my beauty products for non-toxic alternatives was one of the changes I made after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I made the swaps after learning that there are potentially harmful ingredients in the products that we use on our bodies every day. Fragrance can be especially harmful to those struggling with hormonal issues as the phthalates in fragrance are endocrine disruptors. In English…synthetic fragrance can disrupt your hormones (Zissu, 2016).

The argument could be made that it is important for everyone to use clean products, not just those of us with sensitivity or autoimmunity.  According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), 1600 chemicals have been banned by the European Union and other countries while the FDA has only banned 9 (Zhou, 2022).  

Want to check your beauty products? is a great resource for all clean products (not just beauty).  I love that they make it simple to make informed purchases with their EWG Healthy Living App.  It’s easy to use…just scan the barcode to get a product’s toxicity rating.

How I Choose My Personal Care Products

  • Ingredients – Is the product safe? Can I identify the ingredients? 
  • Performance – Do the products do what they are supposed to do?
  • Price – I have learned to prioritize my health when it comes to price.  I budget differently and keep in my mind that my choices are supporting preventative health care.  Some products can be made at home for budget friendly alternatives – Wellness Mama is a great resource for recipes.  


I love Annemarie which is made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients.  This line was created with the health of the planet and its users in mind.  Since using it my skin is noticeably softer and plumper.  I also use some products from Evanhealy and BeautyCounter.

  • Beauty Counter – overnight resurfacing peel.
  • Evanhealy – wild carrot nourishing eye balm.
  • Annmarie – my cleanser, toner, serum, and facial oil are from this company.  Take their quiz to find out the right regimen for you…
  • Annemarie – coconut body oil.
  • Dr. Bronner’s castile soap – This soap is best when diluted – I use a shower loofah…a little soap goes a long way! My favorite scents are both lavender and peppermint. Peppermint makes the skin tingle and cools the skin down; it’s great for summer showering.
  • Dr. Bronner’s Spearmint toothpaste.
  • Supergoop Unseen sunscreen. This is a chemical sunscreen – but it has a rating of 2 from EWG (the lower the rating the better, scale of 1-10). I love that this sunscreen doesn’t feel greasy.
  • Routine – Moon Sisters. This formula is gentle on sensitive skin and it works! Routine also sells a tool that scrapes built up residue from the armpits to make deodorant more effective. If you are switching from a standard chemical deodorant to a natural deodorant, it’s a good idea to do an armpit detox before switching.
  • Wellness Mama has a great recipe for making your own deodorant at home.
  • Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner
  • Dr.’s Remedy – Contains wheat protein, however, don’t worry if you are gluten free. According to Marilyn Geller, the Chief Executive Officer of the Celiac Disease Foundation, gluten protein is too large a molecule to be absorbed through the nail (Geller, 2016). Just don’t bite your nails!

Saalt Cup – This one changed my world. Using it for the first time was a little intimidating and scary, but…NO MORE TAMPONS! I felt liberated once I started using a menstrual cup. What’s not to love… Save money, cleaner for the environment, comfortable and worry free.

Diva Cup – I prefer it to the saalt as it is easier for me to use, but this might just be because it was the first cup I ever used.

Hopefully this saves some leg work in finding products that you love that love you back. Cleaner products help by lessening the burden of chemical stressors the body deals with daily. Switch products out all at once or choose to replace old products with cleaner versions as what you have runs out.

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